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The initiative explores the global dimension of humanities scholarship as well as the role of the humanities in society, supporting important new work that expands the scope of the traditional humanities.

Upcoming Events

Past Events

The lecture series Art History from the South, presented with the Centre for Contemporary South Asia, amplified the collaborative humanities seminar and international symposium developped by Brown University faculty Vazira Fazila-Yacoobali Zamindar and guest faculty Tapati Guha-Thakurta.
The initiative presented webinars with Deborah Thomas and Denise Ferreira da Silva as part of its new lecture series. "Race in a Global Frame" showcases transnational perspectives on racialization, racial injustice, racial emancipation, antiracist intervention, and critical race thinking.
The initiative presented three webinars. Classicist Emily Greenwood explored the postcolonial literature of author Dionne Brand. Philosopher Rae Langton reflected on freedom of speech as an enablement of certain powers. And political theorist Banu Bargu considered the use of the human body in political protest.
The initiative presented three webinars. Cultural anthropologist Omar Kasmani explores queer theory in the space of Islamic saints in Pakistan. Novelist Geetanjali Shree reflects on the subject of belief in fiction. And historian Manan Ahmed considers how devotional communities in Pakistan create historical narratives.