Cogut Institute for the Humanities

Doctoral Certificate in Digital Humanities

A foundation in digital methods and skills for Ph.D. students in the humanities and humanistic social sciences.

The Brown University Library Center for Digital Scholarship (CDS) and the Cogut Institute for the Humanities partner to offer the doctoral certificate in digital humanities. The certificate is directed by CDS Faculty Director Tara Nummedal in collaboration with CDS Director Ashley Champagne and with advisory support from a steering committee. 

The field of digital humanities uses digital methodologies and formats to answer humanities and humanistic social science research questions, produce and share knowledge, and teach. It encompasses critical studies of digital environments (for example, bias in algorithms or the ethics of data), innovative modes of research and advancing arguments (such as new methodologies for constituting archives, analyzing texts and images, and visualizing data), new forms of scholarly and general publications, and aspects of digital pedagogy.

The certificate aims to offer students a foundational understanding of the field, including basic theory and debates, and the skillset to design and execute their digital humanities research project in the context of their doctoral work. Students enrolled in the capstone seminar will also be actively engaged in the CDS Digital Humanities Salon.

Certificate Curriculum

Information about the certificate requirements and application process is available on the website of the Center for Digital Scholarship.

Read more on the CDS website

Steering Committee

The certificate’s steering committee is composed of the CDS faculty director, the CDS director, a member of the Cogut Institute, and three faculty members.

Committee Members