Cogut Institute for the Humanities


The Cogut Institute fosters curricular innovation and integrative scholarship at Brown University.

Courses hosted by the Institute are directly inspired by new research pursued by Brown University faculty while on fellowship. Courses are also led by Humanities Initiative scholars, visiting faculty, and postdoctoral fellows who frequently hold joint affiliations at the Cogut Institute and in other departments. 

As part of its Collaborative Humanities Initiative, the Institute fosters team-taught graduate seminars and undergraduate courses where faculty and students jointly explore interdisciplinary topics as well as new research practices. The graduate seminars are open to all students and, for doctoral students, can count toward the Doctoral Certificate in Collaborative Humanities.

The Center for the Study of the Early Modern World also offers an undergraduate concentration, and the Environmental Humanities Initiative maintains a list of relevant courses at Brown.

The Early Modern World concentration promotes interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches to historical cultures around the world between the waning of feudalism and the arrival of global industrial capitalism, from the 1300s to the end of the 1800s.