Cogut Institute for the Humanities

Lucia Kan-Sperling

2023–24 Undergraduate Fellow, Concentrator in Modern Culture and Media and English
Project “Reading Digitally: Technology, Language, and the Poetics of Digital Subjectivity”
Last updated June 22, 2023


Lucia Kan-Sperling ’24 is an undergraduate concentrating in modern culture and media and English literature. Her honors thesis, tentatively titled “Digital/Reading/Writing in the Poetry of Tan Lin,” investigates the poetics of a co-constituting relationship between language, technology, and subjectivity. Reading the work of contemporary poet Tan Lin through theories of ambience, cybernetics, and digital structures, the project seeks to outline how Lin evokes a formal reading practice that posits a relationship to “text” as a prosthetic digital technology. Kan-Sperling enjoys writing and making artwork in various media, with a special interest in time-based forms such as video and video installation.