Cogut Institute for the Humanities

Kamari Carter

Collaborative Humanities Fellow, Music and Multimedia Composition
Last updated June 22, 2023


Kamari Carter is a third-year doctoral candidate in the Department of Music and Multimedia Composition, working with sound and found objects. Carter’s practice circumvents materiality and familiarity through a variety of recording and amplification techniques to investigate notions such as space, systems of identity, oppression, control, and surveillance. Carter’s work has been exhibited at Automata Arts, MoMA, Mana Contemporary, the RISD Museum, Microscope Gallery, Lenfest Center for the Arts, and Wave Hill and has been featured in a range of major publications including Artnet, Precog Magazine, Flash Art, Level Ground, and Whitewall. Carter holds a BFA in music technology from the California Institute of the Arts and an MFA in sound art from Columbia University.