Cogut Institute for the Humanities

Catherine Nelli

Undergraduate Fellow, Concentrator in Comparative Literature, Sanskrit Classics, and International and Public Affairs
Project "Investigating Indology: Divergences between Colonial French and English and Contemporary Sanskrit Reception of Classical Indian Texts"
Last updated June 30, 2022


Catherine Nelli ’23 is an undergraduate triple-concentrating in comparative literature in Sanskrit, French, and English; Sanskrit classics; and international and public affairs. She is interested in researching the French and English colonial reception of classical Sanskrit texts in tension with the concurrent and continued indigenous reception of these texts. She hopes to investigate how colonialism has shaped the academic study of India by analyzing the convergences of European motivations and local intellectual traditions in this literary reception. Through her honors thesis, she hopes to complicate understandings of how colonialism shapes the present through literary, cultural, and intellectual forces. In addition, she is the content director of the Brown Journal of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics and has carried out research on medieval French mythography; Sanskrit manuscript digitization; urban governance in Delhi, India; and verbal anaphors in A’ingae, an indigenous language of Ecuador and Colombia.