Cogut Institute for the Humanities

Candace Rice

Fall 2022 Faculty Fellow, Assistant Professor of Archaeology and Classics
Project "Beyond Connectivity: the Economic Landscape of Roman Lycia"
Last updated June 28, 2022


Candace Rice is Assistant Professor of Archaeology and Classics. Her research focuses on Mediterranean maritime trade and economic development during the Roman period. She is particularly interested in exploring the ways in which the inhabitants of the Roman world chose to engage with and respond to the economic conditions and opportunities afforded by imperial-period connectivity. She co-directs the Upper Sabina Tiberina Project, focused on the excavation and interdisciplinary study of the Roman villa at Vacone and its associated late Roman and early Medieval cemeteries, and is also beginning a new archaeological project in southeastern Sicily. At the Cogut Institute, she will be working on a monograph project that examines the economic landscape of Roman and late antique Lycia (Turkey) through a multiscalar approach, exploring the impact of maritime connectivity on the lived experiences of the people inhabiting this region.