Cogut Institute for the Humanities

Diego Rodriguez Langevin

2021–22 Undergraduate Fellow, Concentrator in Neuroscience and Computer Science, Independent Concentrator in Philosophical Inquiry through Creative Forms
Project "Between the Poetic Languages of Matos Paoli and Rita Indiana: Remembrance and Insanity as Political Philosophy for the Caribbean"
Last updated August 9, 2022, based on June 2021 biographical sketch


Diego Rodriguez Langevin ’22 graduated from Brown with honors in neuroscience, computer science, and philosophical inquiry through creative forms

He is an aspiring scientist, scholar, and artist who strives to integrate his academic and creative work when/wherever he can. As a neuroscientist, he works with a lab to study the relationship between smell and memory, and is particularly interested in the genetic and bio-molecular mechanisms that underlie memory formation, consolidation, and recollection. As a scholar, he has created an independent concentration that combines comparative literature, critical theory, and visual arts as a means of engaging with political theory and philosophy in the 20th and 21st centuries. His thesis explores representations of madness by Puerto Rican poet Francisco Matos Paoli and Dominican singer-songwriter-novelist Rita Indiana and how these representations offer insight into the political roles of madness in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. As an artist, he is primarily a poet and a painter. He has begun publishing his poetry in Providence and has been exhibited abroad. He also co-coordinates SITIO, a family-run art studio that hosts short residencies and exhibitions in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico.